"Only 10 business editors in the country can do what Mickey Butts does with the written word."
Suzy Welch, coauthor, with Jack Welch, of the international bestseller Winning, and former editor-in-chief of Harvard Business Review

Welcome to my Web site. I'm a Berkeley, California-based writer and editor. I am currently a senior writer at The Boston Consulting Group, where I create data visualizations that generate insight from information and write about big data, innovation, education, strategy, technology, media, pricing, the global economy, organization, social impact, and consumer topics for BCG Perspectives, working with leading consultants to develop high-impact thought leadership.

My writing and reporting has appeared in such publications as Salon, The Nation, Food & Wine, The Industry Standard, Wired, The Financial Times, The Economist, Portfolio.com, Business 2.0, Parenting, Sunset, San Francisco Magazine, Via, and The San Francisco Chronicle. To see samples of my journalism work, see the writing & journalism area of this site.

I've also been an editor at The Industry Standard, Parenting, San Francisco Weekly, The East Bay Monthly, and San Francisco Classical Voice. To read more about my background and view my resume, see my bio. And see the editing section for examples of magazine articles I've produced. To check out my online work, including the short-lived online wine newsletter Route du Vin and long-lost sites I built in the early days of the Web, go to the online work area of my site.

Before I went in-house at BCG, I worked for more than 10 years helping companies, nonprofits, and individuals that wanted to develop books, articles, case studies, white papers, courseware, and business/strategic plans with wide appeal. I've ghostwritten articles that have appeared in Harvard Business Review, McKinsey Quarterly, The Financial Times, Strategy+Business, Economist Intelligence Unit, The Economist Ideas Economy, Institutional Investor Guides, Forbes.com, Fortune.com, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

I've ghostwritten and edited books published by Random House, Harvard Business Press, and Jossey-Bass. A book I edited, Forces for Good: The Six Practices of High-Impact Nonprofits, was named one of the The Economist's Best Business Books of 2007. To read more about my corporate and nonprofit work, see the ghostwriting & corporate writing and clients & testimonials areas of the site. And to see the books I've edited, go to the editing section.

Please contact me if you'd like to explore potential freelance projects. Thanks for visiting.


Data Visualizations and Interactives

"Data Privacy by the Numbers," BCG Perspectives, February 2014

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"The Landscape of Turbulence," BCG Perspectives, August 2012

Writing and Collaboration

"Seven Ways to Profit from Big Data as a Business" BCG Perspectives, March 2014

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